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  The Amalfi Coast


A wonderful place where dreams come true, amazing landscapes that will take your breaths away and so many other beauties, that's the Amalfi Coast.

Promontories, fiords, caves, these are only few of the superb caratheristics of the well-known Divina (Divine, like a Goddess). But beyond the landscapes, the sea, there is more: the mistic sensation of a complete estetical fulfitment in front of this "terra al di là del mare, dove s'incontrano l'onde con le montagne" (place beyond the sea where waves merge into the mountains - by H.W. Longfellow).

If there is a place where creativity, intelligence and quality are jointed surely it's the Amalfi Coast. Indeed this little strip of Salerno province represents the peack of many peculiarities that coexist in sweet harmony in an almost supernatural symbiosis where art, culture, natural beauties and civilization are related.

That's the triumph of biodiversity: in fact in this fantastic location you could find so many typical products, as istance, focusing on the natural point of view, we have the famous Sfusato Amalfitano: a specific type of lemon that you can find only in Amalfi Coast and that has a unique flavour. An other unbelievable charactestic of this spectacular zone is undoubtely the craft especially the renowed Ceramic of Vietri sul Mare.

Of course the success of the Coast is not based only on the magnificent sea, the gorgeous sunsets and the enchanting outlooks, the authentic soul of the Amalfi Coast lies in the "genius loci": the influence of men on the territory. Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Minori, Maiori, Praiano, jointed with the other little villages, wouldn't be so famous without the help of men who during the years have contributed to shape this location following universal canons of beauty in order to offer to everybody the opportunity of delight at the best all the feelings that the Amalfi Coast could enhance.

These feelings have inspired some of the best artists worldwide known: Ibsen, Steinbeck, Boccaccio, Fubini and Gregorovius. All this noted personalities have consacrated some pages of their works to the Amalfi Coast highlighting the majesty of this place. In this strip of land all the tensions are toned down and the man is dazzle by the fascinating of nature. A coast estended for 37 km from the gates of Salerno until the Sorrento peninsula, from the belt of asphalt in the north and then arriving in the south where an amazing sea is waiting for you.


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